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  • Prof. Nello Balossino
  • Prof. Marco Grangetto
  • dr. Maurizio Lucenteforte
  • dr.ssa Elena Gianaria
  • dr. Shaid Farid
  • dr. Francesco Verdoja
  • dr. Claudio Mattutino
  • ing. Sergio Rabellino
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    A Tool for Professional Image Processing in Ms-Windows™

    This site provides access to this software for download.
    This is free: you can fetch it without obligation.

    Of course, I would welcome any feedback, in the form of comments and suggestions, useful links, or information concerning your own work in this field.


    Description Download Release Date
    Eidos Lab Framework - Setup (.exe) (*) January 2007
    Graduate Thesis (Italian Language) May 2005
    Browse Public GIT Repository Daily


  • Hough Transform, direct and inverse (NEW 2006!)
  • Wavelet Transform, direct and inverse (NEW 2006!)
  • DCT Transform, direct and inverse
  • DFT Transform, direct and inverse
  • FFT Transform, direct and inverse
  • Filtering in the Frequency space
  • Image depth in byte/integer/double allocation per channel/sample
  • Image Arithmetic
  • Image Load/Save for JPG/BMP/GIF/TIFF and COMPLEX Images in XML format
  • some LUT manipulation
  • Color Spaces RGB,YUV,HSL
  • Classical convolution operation 3x3 5x5 7x7 9x9 (NEW 2006!)
  • Classic Border Detection/Enhancement
      • Canny (NEW 2006!)
      • Sobel
      • Kirsh
      • Prewitt
      • Laplace Operator
  • Noise Reduction with Median Filtering (cross and square pattern)
  • Simple color manipulation (equalize/gray conversion)
  • PDF Exporting in 24bit per sample
  • Pluggable capabilities (Plugin Source/SDK tree available in installation directory)
  • .... many more is coming....

  • Note (*): A .NET 1.1 environment is required to run EidosLab (see!!

  • Note (*): A .NET 1.1 SDK is required to create new plugins for EidosLab!