Unversity of Turin

The EIDOSLAB Research Group was founded in 1985 and it is the computer vision and image processing group in the Computer Science department of the University of Turin. The research hub of the activities of the group is the Tamburelli lab, named in 1990 in honor to Giovanni Tamburelli, professor at the University of Turin. Our Lab is part of the Italian Association for research in Computer Vision, Pattern Recognition and machine learning (CVPL).

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Upcoming & Past Events

Seminar by Alasdair Newson - Autoencoders and Generative Adversarial Networks for Image Understanding and Editing
Scientific Seminar by Alasdair Newson on Deep Generative Models
Presentation of Master’s Degrees
Presentation of the master degrees in Computer science and related areas.
AI and Clinical Applications in Radiology and Oncology
Interdisciplnary class on the perspective of AI in Radiology and Oncology.
Seminar by Pietro Gori - Contrastive Learning in Medical Imaging: a metric learning approach
Scientific Seminar by Pietro Gori on Contrastive Learning and Medical Imaging
Artificial Intelligence vs Covid-19
Half-Day workshop on the C.o.R.S.A. project and Digital Radiology.